Academic Advisors


If you are a prospective student, please schedule a prospective student advising appointment with Brittany Goltry in the Student Services Office.

If you are an incoming student (new first-year, new transfer, new post-baccalaureate) you will want to sign up for a START session

If you are a current OSU student and wish to change your major  into the College of Forestry using the online apointment scheduling system, please schedule an appointment with the advisor (see below) who works with the major you are interested in.  If you do not know what CoF major you would like to transfer into please schedule an appointment with Brittany Goltry in the Student Services Office.

If you are a currently enrolled student in the College of Forestry and need to schedule an appointment with your advisor please watch the tutorial below and then click on "Schedule an appointment with..." by your advisor's name.  You'll be directed to the online appointment scheduling system.

Current students are required to meet with their academic advisors once a term, three times a year, in order to receive their registration PINs. Students should consider meeting with their advisors around Halloween to register for Winter term, near Valentine's Day to register for Spring term, and in the neighborhood of Cinco de Mayo for the upcoming Fall term. To contact your advisor, refer to the listings below.

 College of Forestry Appointment Tutorial


Advisor Appointment Calendar Login


Nicole Kent

Manager of Undergraduate Curricula & Advising (Head Advisor)

PVY 204 541-737-1592

Sandy Jameson 

Schedule an appointment with Sandy

Forestry - Forest Management option

Forestry - Forest Operations option

Forestry - Forest Landscape Processes & Management option

Forest Engineering

Forest Engineering/Civil Engineering

PVY 204A 541-737-6548

David Smith

Schedule an appointment with David

Renewable Materials RH 236 541-737-8506

Autumn Granger

Schedule an appointment with Autumn

Natural Resources - Corvallis campus and eCampus Pvy 209 541-737-9135

Laurie Holst

Schedule an appointment with Laurie

Natural Resources - Corvallis campus

Recreation Resource Management

PVY 211 541-737-2097

Terina McLachlain

Schedule an appointment with Terina

Natural Resources - Program Manager and advisor, Corvallis campus and eCampus PVY 213A 541-737-2088

Banks Blair

Schedule an appointment with Banks

Natural Resources - Corvallis campus and eCampus PVY 213B 541-737-8662

Brittany Goltry

Schedule an appointment with Brittany 

Schedule an appointment with Brittany if you are a current OSU student wanting to transfer into the College of Forestry but unsure of which major you would like.   PVY 250  541-737-0833

Dianna McGinnis

Natural Resources - Cascades campus

Tourism & Outdoor Leadership - Cascades campus

CSB 241


Pat Kennedy

Natural Resources - Eastern Oregon University

BH 204