Below you'll find commonly used and helpful forms for students and teaching faculty.  Additional forms are available on the Registrar's Office website.

Form Description
2014-15 FERPA Form for Student Consent to Release Information

Use this form if you would like to grant the OSU Office of Business Affairs Student Finance Department permission to release information from your OSU student account to third parties. 

Use this form if you would like to grant the OSU Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships permission to release information regarding your financial aid and scholarships to third parties.

Release Form
Academic Regulations Petition

Use this form when you want to:

1. Request an time extension for removal of an “Incomplete” grade
2. Request to take an examination for credit or waiver of a particular course

Catalog Declaration Form

A student, in consultation with their advisor, can choose to move their field of study catalog year forward. This is accomplished by submitting a signed Catalog Declaration form with the appropriate catalog term designation.  Catalog terms can be moved forwards but not backwards in time.





Change in catalog year designator.pdf
Change of Grade

Teaching faculty and instructors can make changes of grades online.  Online changes to grades will be allowed for up to one academic year from the term when the course was taken. Any changes that are for a course older than one year will have to be made via a Change of Grade form, submitted to the Registrars Office.   Change of Grade forms can be obtained in the Student Services Office, Peavy Hall 250.

Online Grade Change Instructions.pdf
Change of Grading Basis Form

Use this form to switch to/from S/U grading or A/F grading

Change of Major

Use this form if you wish to change majors or campuses, add or remove a minor, option, or secondary major. Please fax it to 541-737-2668 or scan and email it to

CoF Consent for Release of Student Information

Use this form if you would like to grant the OSU College of Forestry permission to release information regarding your educational records to parties outside the university. 

Use this form if you would like to give permission for a third party to be present in your academic advising appointments.

FERPA Consent Forms - Forestry.pdf
CoF Registration Override Permission Form

Use this form to request an override into a course for one of the following reasons:

1. You are restricted from taking a course due to your campus affiliation (Corvallis, Cascades, E-campus)
2. You are restricted from taking a course because the class is full
3. You are restricted from taking a course because of your class level (for example, you are a freshman and the course identifies that students must be juniors or above to register)
4. You are restricted from taking a course because you lack a prerequisite
5. You are restricted from taking a course/lab/recitation because of a time conflict in your schedule
6. You are restricted from taking a course due to a college or major restriction (for example, you are a CoF student but the course is restricted to only College of Science students)
7. You need to request access to the course during the 2nd week of the term (2nd week adds)
8. You are restricted from taking a course because of your level (graduate, undergraduate)

Confidentiality Request

Use this form to establish yourself as a "confidential" student.  Please be sure to read the form thoroughly to understand the full implications of selecting this option.

Course Substitution Petition

Use this form when you want to substitute a course you’ve already taken (at OSU or another university/community college) for a baccalaureate core course or in your College of Forestry program/major requirements. Be sure to attach both the course syllabus and course catalog description for the course you are using as a substitute.

petition_course_substitution with F-12 changes.pdf
Enrollment Verification Methods

Use this form to receive verification of Enrollment from the Registrar's Office.  There is a $15.00 fee which will be charged to your student account.  Enrollment information may also be ottained from National Student Clearinghouse or with an official transcript at no charge.  Verification takes three business days to process and there is NO RUSH SERVICE for verification.

Extra Hours Petition

Use this form to request approval to register for 20-24 credit hours per term.

GROUP Waiver of Liability form

Use this form to include your entire group on a waiver of liability form.  All participating students in the particular activity must sign the form.

GROUP Acknowledgement of Risk – Waiver
International Travel Registration - students

Use this form prior to traveling overseas for CoF sponsored events, funded travel, student club activities, etc.   You must send this form, via fax or emial, to Enterprise Risk Services PRIOR to travel.

Late Change of Registration Petition

Use this form if you wish to petition for a late add, drop, withdrawal or other registration change.

Motor Pool Driver's Authorization Form

Use this form if you need to obtain authorization to drive a OSU Motor Pool vehicle. 

Motorpool Reservation Form (CoF Student Clubs only)

Use this form if you are part of a CoF club and wish to make a reservation for an OSU Motorpool vehicle for approved club activity.

Official Transcript Request

Use this form to order transcripts.  There is no charge for official transcripts.  The Transcript Information web page, oregonstate.edu/registrar/transcipts, provides additional information on transcripts.

OSU Alpha Restriction Override Form

Use this form to request approval to take a course that is ALPHA restricted (where the ability to register for the course during a particular term is determined by the first letter of your last name)

OSU Audit Registration Form

Use this form to request approval to audit a course.

OSU Individual Acknowledgement of Risk – Waiver

Students participating in a CoF club activity requiring use of an OSU Motorpool vehicle are required to complete this waiver.

waiver_ OSU_individual_acknowledgement_of_Risk.pdf
OSU Time Override Petition

Use this form to request approval to take two courses offered at the same time of day.

Permission to Release Education Records

Complete and submit this form to authorize release of education records to a specific person or office.  The OSU Registrar's office will maintain this disclosure authorization with the records of the student, as long as the specific records disclosed are maintained by OSU according to its Records Retention Schedule.

Transfer Course Equivalency Petition

Use this form to request a review of course equivalency for OSU course work.  The Office of Admissions, with assistance from the academic units, determines the transferability of course work completed at other institutions, and the articulation to equivalent OSU courses.  The transfer course equivalency petition provides an opportunity for the student and/or academic unit to identify articulation for a transfer course.

Work Experience – Guidelines

This document details all of the requirements/guidelines for the College of Forestry Work Experience Requirement (applicable to all majors expect Natural Resources).

Work Experience – Submission Form

Use this form to provide information on your work experience requirement.  Please complete this form in detail and be sure to submit all forms at least one term before your anticipated graduation.