Future Students


Why choose the College of Forestry?

The College of Forestry is nationally recognized as one of the top institutions for education, research, and outreach in the field of forestry and can provide you with the knowledge and experience for you to become a forestry or natural resource professional. Our small, student-oriented college is dedicated to preparing you to understand complex forest ecosystems and culturally diverse and global society. We offer world-class faculty, access to local research forests, modern facilities, a variety of support services, and generous annual scholarships for highly qualified students to help you achieve your academic and professional ambitions. With a variety of accredited undergraduate programs and excellent graduate programs, the College of Forestry is an ideal place to begin your career as a professional in forestry and natural resources.

To learn more about the College of Forestry, please watch our short, informative video, browse our Viewbook for a concise description of our programs, or read our prospective student newsletter, the Quarterly Cruise.  You can also schedule an appointment to meet with one of our advisors to discuss our academics programs or to plan your future here in the OSU College of Forestry. You can also contact our office directly with any questions you might have or to schedule an appointment!

To apply to OSU please visit the OSU Admissions website.  We encourage all students to apply for admission by November 1 to be part of the "Early Notification" admissions cycle.


Click here to see our College of Forestry video!