Excellent Research and Internship Opportunities Abound!

The College of Forestry offers and supports several different internship programs designed to allow students to gain experience in the fields of forestry and naturals resources as well as develop professional relationships with staff and faculty. Take a look below at the many opportunities available.



Strengthening Education and Employment for Diverse Students (SEEDS)

SEEDS is designed to support underrepresented students in our college from the day they enter to the day they graduate. One of the ways SEEDS will do this is through supporting paid school and summer work experiences where the emphasis is on directing meaningful work and developing meaningful professional relationships.Any diversity student can be a part of SEEDS, and any SEEDS student can apply. We have a limited number of opportunities, so the selection process will be competitive. This is a great opportunity to explore our profession during your time in the college, with a forestry professional who you want to know better.

Potential projects can be proposed either by faculty members, local natural resource professionals, or by students themselves. SEEDS coordinators will help make the appropriate connections. SEEDS funds the experience.Work experiences are paid competitively. School-year work will be less than 10 hours per week; summer work can be full-time for up to 12 weeks. Projects are chosen that clearly benefit both the student and the mentor.

Please contact Seema Mangla via email or by calling 541-737-6029; also, feel free to check out the SEEDS website.


Board of Visitors (BoV) Mentor-Protégé Work Experiences

The College of Forestry Board of Visitors is composed of graduates and friends of the college who go above and beyond to keep us a world-class college of forestry. They support this program to help undergraduate students form meaningful professional relationships with faculty through mutually beneficial and rewarding work experiences.Any undergraduate or post-baccalaureate student in good standing, enrolled in any of CoF undergraduate degree programs—in Corvallis, at Cascades, or eCampus— can apply. Interested in working with a particular faculty member?  Interested in gaining specific work experience? There may be the perfect work experience for you!

In addition, any faculty member currently affiliated with the College of Forestry who wants to mentor undergraduates can propose a project, and, if the project is selected, the work experience coordinator will match a student interested. BOV funds the experience.

These paid work experiences are typically during the academic year, and are less than 10 hours per week. BOV projects are chosen during fall term, begin as early as winter term, and last no longer than a year. Projects are supported that clearly benefit both the student and the faculty member, and that contribute to any of the various missions of the College of Forestry (teaching, research, outreach, Extension, or service).

For more information or to apply please contact the program coordinator, David Zahler via email or by calling 541-737-1486.

Dorothy D. Hoener Memorial Education Fund Work-Scholarships

The purpose of this program is to foster closer working relations and enhance mentoring opportunities between faculty and students, with the hope that the students will be inspired to higher levels of achievement.  For details please contact Kira Hughes at 541-737-3475.

Forestry Cooperative Education Program (FORCOP)

The Forestry Cooperative Education Program seeks to better educate future forestry professionals through focused collaboration with local and national agencies, industries and organizations. Cooperative education provides internships and real-world experience for participating students, forest engineering and management resources for organizations, program depth for universities, and better-trained graduates for the forestry profession.  For more information, please contact David Zahler at  541-737-1486.

Other Opportunities

In addition to College of Forestry internships, the Oregon State University offers internship opportunities to the entire student body; check them out below.

University Honors College Research and Internships

Oregon State University Research Office