Job Shadow Experiences


The OSU College of Forestry strives to provide useful resources for students in order to assist them in their search for permanent, part-time, seasonal, and internship opportunities. We believe that these types of career experiences will enhance their education and support future career prospects.  We are also interested in assisting current and prospective students who are have not entered the College of Forestry but are interested in exploring the many career options available in the fields of forestry, natural resources, recreation, and forest products. The College of Forestry has partnered with employers from various sectors of forestry to provide job shadow opportunities. 


Students and employers are welcome to contact the College of Forestry Student Resources & Engagement Office to find out more about job shadow opportunities. Comments and questions should be directed to Brooke Harrington, 541-737-1593.



For Students: 

How to participate in a job shadow experience:

  • See current opportunities here.
  • Once you have selected the job shadow you are interested in, contact Brooke Harrington in the Student Resources & Engagement Office (133 Snell Hall, 541-737-1593) for employer contact information.


Benefits of a job shadow for students:

  • Career exploration in the fields of forestry, natural resources, forest products and recreation industries.
  • Interview experts in industries that interest you - the chance to ask lots of questions!
  • Find out what you need from the classroom experience to be successful in the work place.
  • Start making important career and network connections!
  • Job shadow experiences can help you decide on a career path.


Expectations of students during a job shadow:

  • Students are expected to contact the employer and arrange the date, time and other details of visit.
  • Transportation to and from the job shadow is the students responsibility.
  • Review any pertinent safety rules and regulations with the employer. Sign appropriate waivers, permission, Release of Liability, etc. if required by the employer.
  • Disclose any medical condition that may result in safety concerns prior to your visit.
  • Participate in a follow up assessment of your job shadow by Student Services staff.
  • Arrive ready to ask questions and participate in an awesome experience!


For Employers:

How to participate in a job shadow experience:

  • Interested employers should submit a description of their job shadow opportunity to the Student Resources & Engagement Office for review. 
  • Job shadow descriptions will be posted on our website for students to review. 
  • Interested students will be provided with your company's contact information and will connect with you directly to arrange the details of the job shadow experience.


Benefits of a job shadow for employers:

  • One-on-one time with a potential employee.
  • A chance to talk about the career you love.
  • More exposure for your company/agency to future employees.
  • The chance to help a student make important career path decisions.


We hope employers will provide students:

  • A hands-on, realistic, "typical workday" experience. Job shadow experiences are designed to be short, temporary experiences. Students and employers can arrange exact start and end times.
  • Insight into how your job relates and collaborates with the other positions and teams within the company.
  • A tour of the facility or work environment.
  • Answers to questions about the required training, education and qualifications to perform your job.
  • Opportunities within the company/organization.
  • Necessary safety orientation and equipment.


Job Shadow FAQ:

  • Who schedules job shadow visits?
    • The CoF Student Resources & Engagement Office will not schedule job shadow experiences but will provide company contact information so that arrangements can be made. It is the responsibility of the student to contact the employer and arrange the details of the visit.
  • How will students get to and from the job site? 
    • Transportation to and from the job site is the responsibility of the student and will not be provided by the CoF. Some job shadow opportunities are located outside of Corvallis and will require additional travel time.
  • Will students be paid for participating in a job shadow experience?
    • Job shadows are not paid experiences. Employers are not expected to provide compensation to students. The CoF will not compensate or reimburse employers or students for job shadow experiences.
  • What is OSU's liability?
    • Oregon State University and The College of Forestry will not take responsibility for any incidents occurring during the job shadow experience. Student and employer should review all necessary safety rules and regulations.
    • Employers should provide necessary safety briefings and equipment to the student prior to the beginning of the job shadow experience.
    • It is the student's responsibility to disclose any medical conditions that might result in safety concerns prior to the visit. Arrangements for accommodations can be discussed, if necessary.
    • Required waivers, permission forms, Release of Liability, etc. should be provided by the employer and read and signed by the student if required by the company/agency.
  • Student Services will conduct a follow up assessment with both students and employers.