Participation Awards

Active and engaged Sponsored Student Organizations will receive up to $500 in funding in the form of Participation Awards for each academic year.  Club officers will be informed during Spring term of funding received for use during the upcoming academic year.  No proposals are required, however, some restrictions on the use of funds may apply.  The intent of these funds is to broaden students’ educational experience by enabling them to participate in professional development opportunities (conferences, workshops, educational fieldtrips, etc.) that provide:

  • educational benefit to the proposing group or programs in the College of Forestry
  • participants’ visibility and ability to represent the College favorably

Access to the funds are regulated by the Student Resources & Engagement Office and each club should consult the office prior to use.  Please note that the academic year begins with the start of Summer term and ends on the last day of Spring term of the following year. Funds not utilized by June 30th are forfeited.

At the end of each term clubs are required to complete a recap form or summary that outlines how funds were utilized.  Copies of receipts are required. A recap is required even if funds are not utilized in a given term. Be sure to keep a copy of each recap for club records.