Society of American Foresters (SAF) - Oregon State University Chapter


About Us

We are the Oregon State University student chapter of the Society of American Foresters (SAF), a professional organization dedicated to education and scientific pursuit in the field of natural resources. As a student chapter, we help student members stay connected with the larger organization and provide a setting for networking and discussion with your peers. Newcomers and graduates alike are always welcome to attend our meetings although we strongly encourage interested students to become official SAF members. 


In addition to bi-weekly meetings and College of Forestry events, OSU SAF participates in the national and regional SAF conferences, runs a Christmas tree farm at Peavy Arboretum, and organizes an annual job fair.


SAF Mission Statement

"The Society of American Foresters (SAF) is the national scientific and educational organization representing the forestry profession in the United States. Founded in 1900 by Gifford Pinchot, it is the largest professional society for foresters in the world. The mission of the Society of American Foresters is to advance the science, education, technology, and practice of forestry; to enhance the competency of its members; to establish professional excellence; and, to use the knowledge, skills, and conservation ethic of the profession to ensure the continued health and use of forest ecosystems and the present and future availability of forest resources to benefit society. SAF is a nonprofit organization meeting the requirements of 501 (c) (3). SAF members include natural resource professionals in public and private settings, researchers, CEOs, administrators, educators, and students."



Officer Contacts 

Trevor SartnurakChair

Harley Ortiz-Medeiros, Vice-Chair

Quinton Big KnifeVice-Chair

Jake AtteberyTreasurer

Meagan Reardon, Secretary

Nick SwansonCouncil Representative

Austin FinsterTree Farm Manager 

Zane SandborgTree Farm Assistant 

Byron KremplGraduate Student Representative 

Morgan KawakamiCommunicator 

Tammy CushingFaculty Advisor

Doug MaguireFaculty Advisor

Dr. John BaileyFaculty Advisor 


SAF Code of Ethics 

See the National SAF website for more information.



Service to society is the cornerstone of any profession. The profession of forestry serves society by fostering stewardship of the world's forests. Because forests provide valuable resources and perform critical ecological functions, they are vital to the wellbeing of both society and the biosphere.

Members of the Society of American Foresters have a deep and enduring love for the land, and are inspired by the profession's historic traditions, such as Gifford Pinchot's utilitarianism and Aldo Leopold's ecological conscience. In their various roles as practitioners, teachers, researchers, advisers, and administrators, foresters seek to sustain and protect a variety of forest uses and attributes, such as aesthetic values, air and water quality, biodiversity, recreation, timber production, and wildlife habitat.

The purpose of this Code of Ethics is to protect and serve society by inspiring, guiding, and governing members in the conduct of their professional lives. Compliance with the code demonstrates members' respect for the land and their commitment to the long-term management of ecosystems, and ensures just and honorable professional and human relationships, mutual confidence and respect, and competent service to society.

On joining the Society of American Foresters, members assume a special responsibility to the profession and to society by promising to uphold and abide by the following:


Principles and Pledges

  1. Foresters have a responsibility to manage land for both current and future generations. We pledge to practice and advocate management that will maintain the long-term capacity of the land to provide the variety of materials, uses, and values desired by landowners and society.
  2. Society must respect forest landowners' rights and correspondingly, landowners have a land stewardship responsibility to society. We pledge to practice and advocate forest management in accordance with landowner objectives and professional standards, and to advise landowners of the consequences of deviating from such standards.
  3. Sound science is the foundation of the forestry profession. We pledge to strive for continuous improvement of our methods and our personal knowledge and skills; to perform only those services for which we are qualified; and in the biological, physical, and social sciences to use the most appropriate data, methods, and technology.
  4. Public policy related to forests must be based on both scientific principles and societal values. We pledge to use our knowledge and skills to help formulate sound forest policies and laws; to challenge and correct untrue statements about forestry; and to foster dialogue among foresters, other professionals, landowners, and the public regarding forest policies.
  5. Honest and open communication, coupled with respect for information given in confidence, is essential to good service. We pledge to always present, to the best of our ability, accurate and complete information; to indicate on whose behalf any public statements are made; to fully disclose and resolve any existing or potential conflicts of interest; and to keep proprietary information confidential unless the appropriate person authorizes its disclosure.
  6. Professional and civic behavior must be based on honesty, fairness, good will, and respect for the law. We pledge to conduct ourselves in a civil and dignified manner; to respect the needs, contributions, and viewpoints of others; and to give due credit to others for their methods, ideas, or assistance.

Adopted November 3, 2000


Participation in the OSU Chapter of SAF is open to any OSU student, but full membership requires yearly dues paid to SAF. Contact Jake Attebery for more information, or visit the SAF membership page here.

Club Events

See the club calendar for meetings and a comprehensive overview of meetings and events.   

All-Members Meeting


January 14th, February 4th, February 18th, March 4th

*** Joint bowling meeting with Forestry Club on January 28th at 7:00 PM at Highland Bowl on 9th Street.

Time: 6:00 - 7:00
Location: STAG263

Free pizza!

Contact: Trevor Sartnurak at sartnutr@oregonstate.edu.


2019 OSAF PNW Leadership Conference

Date: Friday and Saturday, February 1st and 2nd
Time: All day, both days
Location: McMenamins Edgefield in Troutdale, OR

Oregon SAF is hosting the 2019 PNW Leadership Conference! The theme this year is "Building Common Ground". This is an excellent way to network in a regional setting and can provide great insight into the theme "Building Common Ground", natural resource leadership in action, and having difficult conversations.

** Talk to Trevor before registering!


Contact: Trevor Sartnurak at sartnutr@oregonstate.edu.


Starker Tree Planting (Volunteer!)

Date: Saturday, February 9th
Time: 8:45 AM to 12:00 PM
Location: TBA

Every year, OSU SAF volunteers with Starker Forests for a day of tree planting. Join us this year for OSU SAF's biggest volunteer opportunity. It's always a great time! 

More details will be discussed at our upcoming all-members meetings.

Carpool is available.

Contact: Trevor Sartnurak at sartnutr@oregonstate.edu.


Meeting Minutes