Student Clubs & Organizations

Clubs Day 2015


The College of Forestry sponsors a variety of student clubs and organizations to help students:

  • meet new friends and colleagues
  • participate in conferences and workshops
  • develop leadership and teamwork skills
  • get involved in the fields of forestry and natural resources! 


CoF Student Club Office
Allison Luce, Student Clubs Liaison
Snell Hall 123
(541) 737-4670


The Diverse Perspectives in Forestry Group (DPFG) seeks to foster an inclusive environment by supporting and promoting diverse perspectives in the College of Forestry community. We focus both on creating learning opportunities as well as taking action to positively impact the social environment of the College.

We welcome undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff, alumni, and all others with an interest in diverse perspectives in forestry and other environmental fields. 

Contact Dixie Daniels for more information.

The goal of this student organization is to bring a spirit of fellowship to students, faculty, and employers, and to promote awareness about forest products and forest products issues. Officers include a president, vice-president, secretary/treasurer, and project coordinator. Membership is open to anyone interested in forest products. Activities include social events, hosting guest speakers, and field trips to local industries and mills.

Cameron Salvitelli, President

Scott Leavengood, Faculty Advisor

Website: http://clubs.forestry.oregonstate.edu/forestry-club/

The primary function of the club is that of an informal social group providing a means for interaction between different majors within the forestry profession, and promoting student interaction and activities with regard to forestry. The club organizes and sponsors numerous intercollegiate events, such as a logging sports team, forestor's ball, woodcuts, forestry club olympics, charity events, ski trips, and outdoor recreational activities. The club also works closely with the College administration to assist with various College events.

A current and future aim of the club is to create a closer relationship to the local community by sponsoring charitable fundraisers and donations. The Forestry Club is rich in tradition and has provided many valuable experiences for its members outside the academic arena.

Brad Pfeifer, President

Calvin Kerr, Logging Sports Captain

Tamara Cushing and Jeff Wimer - Faculty Advisors

Website: http://clubs.forestry.oregonstate.edu/ifsa/

OSU-IFSA was founded in October 2005, and is currently one of five active chapters in the U.S. IFSA represents forestry students from all over the world, facilitates communication among members, and offers opportunities for student exchanges, seminars, excursions and forestry competitions. IFSA now includes 52 forestry student associations in 33 countries. It is headquartered in Freiburg, Germany.

OSU-IFSA goals: enrich the formal education of OSU students by giving them a more global perspective on forestry issues; contribute to professional preparation for forestry students; promote networking among students and professionals from several disciplines; encourage improvements in forestry and natural resources education internationally; and provide opportunities to socialize with students from many countries. Regardless of the emphasis on forestry, the chapter is open to all OSU students and all topics related to conservation and natural resources find a forum at our club.

Krystal Lemhouse, President

Michele Justice - Faculty Advisor

Website: http://clubs.forestry.oregonstate.edu/saf/

OSU was granted a charter by the Society of American Foresters (SAF) in the fall of 1980 to form a student chapter. Student members must be undergraduate or graduate students in programs closely related to forestry and natural resources. Both faculty and students are welcome.

The goals of the SAF Student Chapter are to promote professionalism in the field of forestry, encourage interaction between professional foresters and students, provide opportunities for taking part in active forest management projects, and help educate the public about forest resources and their management. In addition, the SAF Student Chapter strives to build fellowship among students and provide an opportunity to openly discuss and debate forestry issues.

SAF activities include a job fair, managing a Christmas tree farm, hosting guest speakers, participation in community natural resource education, and travel to State and National SAF Conventions.

To learn more, visit the official SAF-OSU website, Facebook page or join the SAF Facebook group.

Savannah Stanton, Chair

Trevor Sartnurak - Vice Chair

Tamara Cushing, Doug Maguire and John Bailey - Faculty Advisors

Xi Sigma Pi, a forestry honor society, was founded at the University of Washington in 1908. The Zeta Chapter was established at OSU in 1921.

The society's objectives are to secure and maintain a high standard of scholarship in forestry education, to work for the upbuilding of forestry, and to promote productive relations among earnest workers engaged in forestry activities.

Examples of Xi Sigma Pi projects include the annual Xi Sigma Pi Chili Cook off and an End of the Year barbecue.

Brad Pfeifer, Forester

Jim Kiser, Faculty Advisor

The Natural Resource Club focuses on providing students interested in the field of Natural Resources or related disciplines an outlet for promoting an active appreciation of the environment and all it has to offer through outdoor trips, relevant speakers, and educational workshops.

Carson Trimble and Kylie Brooks - Co-Presidents

Dana Warren - Faculty Advisor