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 The College of Forestry Student Services Office provides services and resources to enhance the educational environment of our undergraduate students, inform prospective students of our excellent academic programs and financial opportunities, and we collaborate with advisors and faculty in the college to offer co-curricular support and assistance. The Student Services Office produces several publications to help educate prospective and current students about the College of Forestry and the opportunities it presents, and to inform students about news, scholarships, job postings, and educational opportunities. We administer a $500,000+ annual scholarship program that provides scholarships to academically meritorious students. We offer administrative guidance to our student clubs and organizations, and aid students in developing social, leadership and teamwork skills, enjoying recreational and educational activities, and getting involved and connected within the fields of forestry, natural resources, and renewable materials. We provide resources to help students become competent, innovative, and professional members in the field of forestry.  To help students in finding suitable employment, we have developed a list of agencies, search engines, and our own employment opportunities site. We continually review and hone our programs and resources to best serve the needs of our students, and always are seeking input from students.  We provide many helpful resources for current students, future students, and parents and family. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please call us at 541-737-1594 or email us.



The Fernhopper Newsletter

Our weekly newsletter for undergraduate students.


The Quarterly Cruise

Our newsletter for prospective College of Forestry students.


The Fernhopper Blog

Our go-to source for important academic and career highlights.

Other College of Forestry publications:

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